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About us

Designa Individual was founded by the artists – jewelers from Belgium. In 2012-th the brothers Victor and Maurice Rampel (the creators of the brand) decided to combine modern technologies and the jeweler's art to produce unique accessories. Thus it appeared the first collection of iPhone by Di - perfect Apple's phones framed in premium jewelry materials.

Throughout history, Designa Individual has developed from a private workshop in the suburbs of Antwerp into a company with its own manufacture in Belgium and Russia.

Di philosophy

«Be the one».

Phone is not just an electronic device anymore. It has turned into an accessory which sets the fashion and allows to emphasize your uniqueness, your «be the one» feature. To be the one, to be unique – this very idea inspires the artists to create iPhone by Di collections.

For this reason every DI collection is released in limited edition. The texture of such materials as precious wood or crocodile leather permits to create a unique pattern producing an accessory. It is impossible to find two identical iPhone by Di even among the models with the same name.

About creators

Victor and Maurice were born and reared in Antwerp «a jewel country of the world». This Flemish town is one of the recognized world centers for diamond cutting. The traditions of high jeweler’s art was founded in medieval times.

«Me and my brother were influenced by aesthetics of Flemish baroque and neo-classical style which was almost everywhere. I think it is just impossible to create something unpretty living in Antwerp! A sense of harmony, style, nobility breathes from here».
© Victor Rampel

Continuing a family tradition, the Rampel brothers have gone in for the jeweler’s art. A small jewellery factory in the suburbs of Antwerp is owed by the Rampel dynasty as far back as the mid XIXth century. Approximately since that time Rampel’s jewelry boutique in Pelican straat has opened its doors. Nowadays Victor an older brother is an executive director of the company and Maurice is the head of the creative laboratory and supervises family business.

«I remember the days when we being children were standing motionless in front of the jeweler’s shop windows. We were watching the masters working, engraving by hand or grinding jewelry. We didn’t realize then that was the way masterpieces were created. There was something magical about it».
© Maurice Rampel

Victor and Maurice are still inspired by their home town. Modern Antwerp is one of the largest centers of fashion industry. Dutch and Belgian designers, couturiers, artists set the style which is picked up by the creative elite of Europe.

«Antwerp is a port city. The life is always in full swing here, appears something new, crazy, eccentric. It’s hard to be unfashionable here».
© Maurice Rampel

The brothers started their jeweler’s art experiments in 2012. That time was their first test of a new direction – a profound jewellery tuning for iPhone smartphones. An attempt to combine technological devices and jewellery classics in one product was a great success. By January 2013 the Rampel brothers launched a new brand – Designa Individual specializing in tuning gadgets for Luxury segment.

«I like the way we are following: traditions of high art and modern gadgets. If Rubens lived at this time, he would have iPhone by Di».
© Victor Rampel

Di in Russia

Russian culture, painting and national color inspired Maurice and Victor to create «Russian collection».

«We realize what has influenced on Carl Faberge, on his splendiferous samples of the jeweler’s art. We feel the same when concern Russian culture, the nobility culture of Imperial Russia. This is a delicate evocation of natural beauty and power, solidity, thoroughness at the same time».
© Maurice Rampel

In 2015 the company Designa Individual started its own production of premium collections in Russia. It’s worth to mention, Di places high emphasis on private orders. Individual design is created in Belgium bureau only under the leadership of Maurice and Victor.

Di technologies

The Di jewelers use noble materials to create models such as gold, platinum, brilliants, carbon, crocodile leather, precious wood. The case in «Matryoshka» and «Person one» collections is covered with eight layers of three-component protective varnish to prevent the device from damage.

In «Essence» collection for creating a back cover an extra strong metal- composite material «steel wood» with diamantine is used. Natural mixture of metals each time generates a unique pattern with deep texture which is impossible to recreate. But «Steel wood» is a light and damage –resistant material. It is agreeable to the touch and always looks flawless. Di logo in «Essence» collection is made in glossy and matte 18-carat gold, encrusted with 0,5–carat diamond and lighting.

The material «Steel wood» was engineered for aerospace industry and is used in the constructions of Boeing 787 and International Space Station. The molecules of the material are evenly distributed therefore the jewelers manage to achieve the highest quality of grinding. The aesthetic properties of the material allowed «Steel wood» to be an ideal finishing agent for Luxe segment jewels.

The production of "Designa Individual" brand is totaly hand made. IPhone transfiguration takes from several days to a couple of weeks depending on the design complexity.

Designa Individual guarantees the uniqueness of each model.

The right side panel is engraved with the model name and the personal serial number. Each iPhone by Di model has its certification.

Morris Rumpel Victor Rumpel
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