Ru En

Your individuality sets you apart from the others.

Each detail of your look is special.

Create your conception and we will translate it into reality in respectable materials.

Your iPhone can be better

By releasing the first iPhone in 2007 the Apple company proved the possibilities for technical improvement are endless. But we went further and turned a modern smartphone into a work of art and a stylish accessory.

Technical perfection + author’s design

This formula is the basis for all Designa Individual collections. It inspires brand new ideas which help us to make iPhone the one.

Together with you we create a unique art object. We have all for it: your desire and creative idea, brilliant talent of out artists, the jewelers’ skills and flawless materials. Gold of the highest standard, relic wood, leather, diamonds, space alloy help to make any creative idea possible to realize.

Your brand’s name in luxury design

Imagine your company logo on stylish and expensive accessory, the only one of its kind. The Di designers turn it into a luxury item to emphasize the high level of a corporate culture. They will covert the idea, the style and the values of your brand in a precious art object.

We will choose materials, textures, style, coating technique to match individuality of corporate style and dignity of your company.