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Chrono Lava Skull
Price: $ 5 290
Carbon Boss


Surgical stainless steel.

Gold plated 24k.

Sockets, lined with hand-painted stained glass, breaking out each phone activation.

Anthracite panel is made of high quality machined carbon fiber and covered with embossed "tattoo"

The bolts are made of gold 18K.

Limited edition 1/39

Black box, covered in velvet, made of oak.

  • Specifications
    Phone model: Phone model
    Capacity: Capacity
    The dimensions (length/width/thickness): The dimensions (length/width/thickness)
    Weight: Weight
    Display: Display
    Splash, Water, and Dust Resistant: Splash, Water, and Dust Resistant
Night mode

Exclusive model design created in collaboration with Konstantin Chaykin, which catches the eye and takes into the world of excitement and strong sensations. The high-quality treated carbon case is woven into a single practical and refined style, supplemented with Gold 750 elements.

The original design combined with high-quality material allows you to fully enjoy all the shades of luxury of this model. The sophistication of the limited collection combined with the high level of the composition of materials is intertwined in this model.