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About the collection The «Essence» collection is created under the influence of high perfume fashion. Each of the four collection lines ( RED, BLUE, GOLD and BLACK) similar to essence has its own special shade. Each model is a unique composition of materials, harmonious combination of jewellery «notes». Pay attention to innovative material «Steel wood» which is used to create a back cover of iPhone Essence. An extra strong space alloy looks flawless, scratch-resistant, and agreeable to the touch. One more important property of molecular modified material is lightness. Your phone will always look respectable but weigh very little. Materials fusion with diamantine addition creates deep texture, fanciful designs like woodgrain or stone texture, elegant pattern or galaxy stars placer. Every iPhone Essence model is decorated with Di logo made from glossy and matte 18-carat gold, encrusted with 0,5–carat diamond and lighting. ESSENCE COLLECTION GO BACK CARBON COLLECTION RUSSIAN COLLECTION ESSENCE COLLECTION LEATHER COLLECTION ANIMALS COLLECTION