About the collection

The long awaited collaboration is finally here! The Joker watch created by the famous watchmaker Konstantin Chaykin along with DiW. This version of the "Joker" has a black case and a carbon dial, that reflects our unique design and style.

From the technical point of view, the watch is equipped with a reliable ETA movement modified and implemented with a special module by Konstantin Chaykin. It is thanks to him that the watch is able to display time with "eyes": the left eye shows the hours, and the right one shows the minutes. A "tongue" is used to indicate the phase of the moon. This implies that the “mood” of the “Joker” changes every minute and in 24 hours he manages to make thousands of different grimaces, and the “tongue” moves every day from right to the left during the lunar month.

It is not that easy to get your hands on a “Joker”, since the first models released are selling at a higher price on the secondary market than the official recommended price, not to mention there is a long waiting list for new ones.


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