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Компания Designa Individual не аффилирована и не является лицензиаром Apple Inc.

О компании

Manufacturing of “Designa Individual” has been established by jewelry artists from Belgium in 2011. Brothers Victor & Morris Rampel (creators of the brand) decided to combine modern technology & the art of jewelry to create unique accessories. This introduced the first collection of luxury phones from Di, edged with premium jewelry materials.

This lead to a rapid growth of DesignaIndividual from a small workshopin suburbs of Antverpen to a largecompany with their own productionin Belgium, renowned worldwide asthe manufacturer luxury class phonesand accessories based on popularmobile gadgets.Today, these devices inspire over5000 people in over 60 countriesworldwide.

Материалы, продукты и производство

Mobile phone is not just an electronic device. It turned intoa trend leading accessory which outlines ones uniquenessand the ability to stand out as “one of the few”. Being theone and only, being unique is the idea that inspires theseartists to create collections of luxury phones and accessoriesby Di. This is the reason their every collection is limited.Designa Individual products are completely hand made.Transformation of each product takes anywhere from fewdays to several weeks, depending on the complexity ofdesign and construction.

This individual design guaranties the uniqueness of every model

There is a model name and personal serial numberengraved the right side of the panel of each product.Every telephone goes through 100+ point qualitycontrol inspection.




Carbon Boss


Technologies of Designa Individual are technologies and experience of jewelry masters obtained through different manufacturing industries help create truly unique high quality products from premium high quality materials:For creation of Di Carbon Boss series they use high quality European carbon.

As the base for “ESSENCE” collection serves jewelry “steelwood” alloy with addition of diamond crumbs. It creates abeautiful glowing play of light on the body surface.Almost an identical composite is used in space aerodynamicsindustry. It is virtually impossible to fnd two identicaldevices even within same named models.

Besides pre-made devices, we can create custom design as part of our “Studio” service. You may pick your style or our specialists can help you create one, as well as choose colors and materials.

For packaging our models we useexclusive wooden boxes. Thereare also certifcates of quality ofused materials and accessoriesto the phone inside of it.


Время от времени мы объявляем о проектах с известными людьми и компаниями, которые сделали свой бренд и зарекомендовали себя в сегменте лакшери.

Яркие и безупречные часы, ювелирный бренд.

Российская часовая манифактура. Невероятный дизайн и технологии.

Швейцарский бренд часов. Филиал Франка Мюллера

Курорты и отели премиум класса

Designa Individual не производит и не продает часы и смартфоны, a предоставляет эксклюзивные услуги по индивидуальному заказу. Designa Individual не спонсируется и не связана с Rolex S.A. и Apple Inc. или любыми другими производителями оригинальных брендов. Любое упоминание товарных знаков носит исключительно справочный характер.

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