О компании

The manufacture of “Designa Individual” was established by 2 jewelry artists / designers from Belgium in 2011. The brothers Victor & Morris Rampel (creators of the brand) decided to combine modern technology with the art of jewelry to start working on the design of unique accessories. That year, Designa Individual introduced its first collection of luxury phones, forged with premium jewelry materials.

The company, in despite was founded by passionate Belgium Artists and designers, was established in Moscow, Russia, renowned worldwide as a manufacturer of custom luxury phones and watches for very important people. Today, Di Manufacture customizes very exclusive timepieces, and achieved the title of "The bespoke Manufacture of the lightest Rolex Daytona".

Materials, products, and manufacture

Smartphones are more than just accessories in our lives, so are watches. The iPhones turned into a trend leading accessory which outlines someone's uniqueness and the ability to stand out as “one of the few”. Being the one and only, being unique is the idea that inspires these artists to create collections of luxury phones by Di. But not only that, as the passion for customization rapidly grew into the desire to get back in history, to the time the first timepieces were created, with the help of a selected team of craftsmen, watchmakers and the use of innovation and handwork in order to achieve another level of exclusivity. Innovation is a crucial aspect of our Manufacture, thus we acquired a certain level of mastery with high-end Carbon fiber, an incredibly light and hard material.

Individual designs highlight the uniqueness of each model.

For each individual iPhone model, there is a name and serial number engraved on the right side of the panel. Each piece goes through 100+ point quality control inspection. Similar, but much more rigorous procedures are carried out for the watch inspection, as every single detail is important in order to provide maximum costumer experience. Every timepiece is limited and exclusive.




Carbon Boss


Designa Individual uses technologies and the experience of jewelry masters obtained through different manufacturing industries which leads to create truly unique high quality products from premium high quality materials: Di Carbon Boss series are made out of European carbon of the highest quality.

As the base of our “ESSENCE” collection is the “steelwood” alloy which includes diamond crumbs. It forms a beautiful glowing play of light in the surface. Almost an identical composite is used in the space-aerodynamics industry. It is practically impossible to find two identical devices even under same name models.

Besides pre-made devices, we can create any custom design as part of our “Studio” service. You may pick your style, or our specialists can help you create one, as well as choose the colors and materials of your liking.

We use exclusive wooden boxes for packaging. A quality certificate of the materials used, as well as the accessories are included.


Occasionally we announce collaborations with celebrities and prestigious companies with years of relevancy within the industry of luxury goods.

Bright and flawless watch and jewelry brand.

Russian watch manufacture. Incredible design, and amazing technologies.

Swiss Watch brand. A subsidiary of Franck Muller

Premium class hotels and resorts

Designa Individual не производит и не продает часы и смартфоны, a предоставляет эксклюзивные услуги по индивидуальному заказу. Designa Individual не спонсируется и не связана с Rolex S.A. и Apple Inc. или любыми другими производителями оригинальных брендов. Любое упоминание товарных знаков носит исключительно справочный характер.

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