The Manufacture
The Art
of customization
The style
of your

It is important to be yourself.

Join us in an incredible adventure, as we introduce you to the world of high-end customization.

There is always room
for improvement

A personal device, such as the iPhone, is now essential in our day-to-day routines.

Thanks to the passion of our craftsmen, it is now possible to make a piece of the finest craftsmanship out of your everyday device.

Outstanding performance +
exceptional design

It is a quite simple formula that lies on the base of Designa Individual.

The Art of personalization is what enlighten us to be creative and unique. Only the highest standards should be met.

Thanks to your help and thoughts, we are able to constantly innovate and re-create iconic pieces into something very special. The mastery of our craftsmen is second to none, thanks to years of experience and self-improvements, we are able to make most of your wishes come into fruition.

Only the best materials provide a fusion of a delicate and explicit outcome that will provide you with the brightest emotions.


A meticulous approach is achieved thanks to the dedication and passion our masters share. Every single element in our projects should meet only the highest expectations, thanks to the latest innovative techniques and materials we use.

Every project involves and incredible amount of handwork, making each one unique and exclusive. It is a way to keep the best of traditional watchmaking, while enhancing every other aspect of this art.

A magnificent way
of showing who
you are

A unique piece of craftsmanship is tailored specifically for you. The name of your brand or initials can make a perfect match with your everyday device.

Our team of designers will ensure you get the most out of your desires and vision. It is our job to enhance and add a touch of creativity to be able to create masterpieces.

We will meticulously look for the most suitable materials that will make your piece special. Whether it is leather or gold, diamonds or sapphires, we enjoy the process of providing you with the best costumer experience.

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