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The usage of the website: implies the full acceptance of the terms and conditions listed below. These terms and conditions are subject to change without the consent of the users.

Designa Individual Manufacture (hereinafter “Di Manufacture”), provides exclusive services for changing (modifying) individual elements (components) of the design of watches, without affecting their movement (modification and individualization), and (or) its packaging for their private customers.

The watch, in relation to which the modification and individualization work will be carried out:

• should be provided by a client who can prove its authenticity (watches can be both new and used); or

• should be purchased by Di Manufacture on behalf of the costumer. The watch is the property of the client.

In any case, Di Manufacture works exclusively on undoubtedly genuine watches and mobile devices (Iphones). Di manufacture does not own any shares or sell watches. Di Manufacture is responsible for the watch modification service.

If a customer provides a used watch, Di Manufacture will perform a complete product diagnostic before proceeding with any intervention. Based on the results of the diagnostics, Di manufacture has the right to refuse to perform the work and sign a contract if it considers that changes are impossible due to the condition of the watch. However, if the customer insists on modification, he will be solely responsible for the result of the manufacturer’s intervention, especially if any element of the watch is found to be defective or broken.

Di manufacture does not produce anything in advance and does not keep any goods in stock.

Legal notice

The rights and obligations of Di Manufacture and the customer in relation to a specific order are determined by the agreement between Di Manufacture and the customer. These conditions apply, unless the opposite is stated in the contract signed between Di Manufacture and the customer.

Intellectual property

Di Manufacture is the copyright holder of this website (, including texts, design, databases used. Any commercial use of the content in this website, regardless of the purpose, is prohibited, except with the prior written permission of the Di Manufacture.

Di Manufacture is not a representative nor affiliate of any watch manufacturer, including Rolex S.A. and Konstantin Chaykin, or Apple electronic devices. Di Manufacture is not the owner or user of intellectual property belonging to any other brand.

All trademarks contained in the images of the result of the modification and individualization work belong to their respective owners. In particular, Rolex, Daytona, are registered trademarks of Rolex Corporation (Rolex USA, Rolex S.A.). To buy a new Rolex watch, please visit an authorized dealer near you. Any reference to the trademarks or other marks is for informational purposes only.


The site contains estimated (possible) prices for our services, and are not an official offer. The price and other conditions of the order are discussed by e-mail or by any other convenient way for the client and are fixed in the corresponding agreement between Di Manufacture and the client.

All users are required to accurately and truthfully provide information about themselves.

To place an order, a user should be at least 18 years old. Orders to minors are prohibited. Therefore, a user placing an order declares and warranties that he is at least 18 years old.

In case it turns out after placing an order that the user is a minor, Di Manufacture has the right to refuse to complete the order until it is confirmed by any legal representative of that user.

Warranty and after sale services

Di manufacture provides a 7-year international warranty for watches that underwent the modification and individualization work, and a 1-year warranty for such modified phones. Di Manufacture is not responsible for factory defects in the products that were occasioned by the manufacture of those products (in their initial form, without modification).

Intellectual property

Manufacture Di is the copyright owner of all of the different design elements of the watches / phones based on the results of the modification and individualization work.

No payment made by the client can be considered as a transfer of the rights design, even if the client requested a specific and original (personal) design.

Designa Individual does not manufacture or sell watches and smartphones, but provides exclusive on demand customization services. Designa Individual is not sponsored by and not affiliated with Rolex S.A. and Apple Inc., or any other original brand manufacturers in any way. Any mention of trademarks or other marks is for reference only.

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